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Roofers have plenty up top

We were invited to an event last week at the LRWA – that’s the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association
By Jablite

November 2012: Until relatively recently, if you were applying a liquid to the roof deck – rather than using a “traditional” membrane – we’d mainly be talking something bitument-based. Now, however, there’s an increasing choice of polymer-based coatings.

There was a big audience at this LRWA event and the Industry is clearly taking raising the profile and quality perception of the industry seriously.

There was a launch of the Specialist Apprentice Programme:

•    Facilities at the LRWA Cradley site for training
•    Demonstration of detailing skills
•    Genuine interest in upskilling apprentices and experienced roofers

The audience was clearly very knowledgeable about the industry but less knowledgeable about some of the new opportunities.  Kingspan presented the opportunities for roofing under the commercial Green Deal. Most of the audience was unaware of the scheme – not surprising as the Government has done little to promote it.

The key points were:
•    Retrofit roofing is a massive opportunity
•    By upgrading the insulation the Green Deal can be used
•    No upfront cost to the customer – customer pays as he saves through the energy bill
•    Roofing contractors need to be qualified to PAS2030

So how might it work.?

Example 1 – if you have a flat roof with a weatherproof membrane in good condition you can upgrade the insulation with an inverted roof.

An inverted Insulation like Jablite Flat Roof Inverted is laid, followed by a filter membrane, then ballast (typically gravel or concrete slabs). There is no disruption as the weatherproof membrane is not disturbed. The Green deal will cover the upfront cost.

Example 2 – Ponding may be a problem on a flat roof because there is insufficient fall. The installation of a tapered roof allows insulation and an appropriate fall to be done at the same time. Jablite’s Tapered Flat Roof system allows a single layer with Monomitre hips & valleys saving time and waste on site.

Because you are upgrading insulation the Green Deal will cover the upfront cost plus you solve the ponding problem.

It’s always interesting to get out of the office and meet the people who use your products. What’s even more interesting is how sectors like roofing are taking a pro-active approach to constantly improving their businesses.

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