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A day in the life of an exciting new project in Basingstoke: construction of the latest Waitrose John Lewis Store
By John Alderman

August 2015: Project Details:

  • The New Waitrose John Lewis Store, Basingstoke
  • Main Contractor: Bowmer and Kirkland
  • Car Park Contactor: Briggs Amasco
  • Area = 6000m² of 200mm Fillmaster 300 grade

The evening of the 27th July was full of exciting anticipation as the next day I was going to visit Jablite’s largest ever car park installation. After a night of tossing and turning through pure excitement, I left home early to the sound of the dawn chorus. It was a lovely sunny morning which seemed appropriate for the day ahead.

On arrival (wishing I had put sun cream on) I met Jablite’s official photographer and we were both shown around the site and told about the project which was extremely impressive and it was great to see Jablite being installed on a John Lewis superstore.

I started work on this project in March this year following an enquiry from Briggs Amasco. Our technical team designed the insulation to provide a drainage fall based on the roof design – known as a cut-to-fall scheme – for the roof.

However, after some technical discussions and deliberations the  main contactor decided that they would create the fall with the concrete rather than our insulation. As the insulation would be flat board and would be installed under a car park deck, we agreed that the best Jablite product would be Fillmaster 300 grade.

Our technical team calculated the thickness required to achieve the required U value for the construction of this roof and the order was made and delivered to site.

The build-up of the construction on the car park is as follows:

  • Metal Deck
  • 130mm Concrete Slab
  • 200mm Fillmaster 300 grade
  • 125mm Lytag Screed
  • 40mm Mastic Asphalt

The project is due to be handed over by November 2015 but the section of our works will be completed by the end of August.

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