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Jablite and the Energy Bill Revolution

The general confusion around "green" levies in our energy bills is creating uncertainty and disarray in the planning and implementation of energy efficiency measures
By Jablite

November 2013: The Guardian reported today that an ECO (Energy Company Obligation) funded scheme to provide 100 properties in an area of severe deprivation in Sunderland with solid wall insulation appears to have been scrapped.

This one scheme – and apparently there are many others under threat – would have eliminated fuel poverty for 100 families and created about 25 jobs. It is exactly the kind of measure that ECO is designed for.

This is why Jablite is one of the companies supporting the Energy Bill Revolution, an alliance of over 150 national organisations and major companies.

We all believe that making all our homes highly energy efficient should be a priority UK infrastructure investment.

The best way to pay for this is by recycling carbon revenues from the Carbon Support Price and European Emissions Trading Scheme back into a home energy efficiency programme.

With this funding over half a million homes could be rendered ‘super energy efficient’ every year. This is an affordable and efficient way to address the pressing energy bill crisis, to genuinely address the fuel poverty and would bring wider economic and environmental benefits.

Jablite is one of the signatories of a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer 22 November 2013.

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