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Green Deal might just work!

Sceptics and critics have been talking scathingly of this as a "Conservatory tax"... But the Green Deal is starting to build interest
By Jablite

February 2013: Green Deal loans became available on 28th January. And, there’s been plenty of press about it over the last month. A lot of leads are beginning to be generated and some more balanced coverage is appearing.

So let’s sum up the idea behind the Green Deal.

“The Green Deal lends money for energy saving measures that effectively has no cost to the house occupier”

Sounds alright doesn’t it?

The key thing now is education – people understanding the Green Deal and being interested enough to take part. That needs trustworthy influencers to get behind it.

Well Martin Lewis of MoneySavingExpert.com with 39 million unique visitors per annum has done one of the best explanations yet.

1)    Anyone can apply (low or high income, rented or owner occupied))
2)    You normally won’t increase your monthly costs
3)    You shouldn’t repay more than you owe
4)    40+ measures covered
5)    £120 assessor fee – may get help if you can’t afford
6)    £100’s of cashback – move quickly!
7)    Higher users in cold houses gain most
8)    Loan is attached to home – if you move next occupant pays
9)    You can pay yourself and still get cashback
10)    10-25 year loan period and you pay interest

Here’s the full feature

Also take a look at the Yougen blog

The Green Deal won’t provide the fast, exciting fix that other schemes like CERT and CESP did but the disadvantage is that when the funding finishes the businesses built on it fail.

Instead the Green Deal might provide a long term, sustainable, gradual growth in energy saving measures.  As I said – not very exciting but it could be good for business.

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