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Campaign to use carbon revenue to insulate UK homes continues…

Since its inception, the Energy Bill Revolution (EBR) campaign has won widespread support; it has gained over 140 alliance members, making the EBR the biggest and broadest fuel poverty coalition in the world

May 2013: All EBR alliance members are united behind the transformational idea of using carbon tax revenue to fund the retrofit insulation of all UK homes.

The EBR campaign aim is to make all UK homes super energy-efficient, whilst prioritising the homes of the fuel poor.

Early in the campaign, our Managing Director, Richard Lee was proud to be one of the 100 signatories of the letter to the Prime Minister. The letter won front page coverage in national newspapers and led to direct discussions with No 10 Downing Street.

The campaign continues to gain momentum. Today over 200 MPs support the campaign and numbers keep growing.

The EBR has conducted ground-breaking research into the impact of fuel poverty on families in the UK. It is shocking to discover that a Netmums survey found that 1 in 4 of their members had to choose between heating and eating due to high energy prices.

The Association for the Conservation of Energy has published two important reports finding that 1.6 million children across the UK were in fuel poverty. The UK was overall the least energy efficient country in Western Europe and is bottom of the Western European league table on fuel poverty.

The Energy Bill Revolution campaign has made amazing progress and it is having a real political impact. Plans are already being made for a campaign to take place next winter and you can be sure that Jablite will be supporting that in any way it can.

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