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Sue Ballard is a finalist for the Outstanding Woman in Construction Award

Sue Ballard, Materials Innovation Manager at Jablite Insulation is a finalist for the Outstanding Woman in Construction Award

February 2014: The Women in Construction Awards provide a showcase for the brightest and best female achievers in the construction industry.

“We decided to nominate Sue because her abilities and knowledge are outstanding,” explains Richard Lee, Managing Director of Jablite Insulation.

“Sue stands out in the construction product manufacturing sector because of her achievements and acumen. Anyone with Sue’s experience, knowledge and leadership skills would get noticed – man or woman.

“Although I have no doubt that Sue has had to work harder to prove herself than a man would have to. We are all very pleased that Sue is a finalist for the Outstanding Woman in Construction Award and we will be keeping our fingers crossed in the hope that she might win it too!”

Sue Ballard started her career in construction as a quantity surveyor and then joined Jablite’s technical team. Sue successfully headed up the innovation team and in the past three years she has developed a number of innovative insulation products for Jablite.

As well as understanding construction, building regulations, insulation and expanded polystyrene, Sue has gained an in impressive knowledge of Jablite’s production processes and, as a result, Sue has recently been promoted to work with Manufacturing Director, Wayne Brown on materials innovation.

“I am really excited to be a finalist for this award,” says Sue. “I love my job; it constantly brings fresh challenges and new things to learn. So far I have had a rewarding and fascinating career.

“I hope the Women in Constructions Awards will inspire other women to look at working in the construction sector or in other fields that are generally considered to be ‘male’.

“Sometimes being a woman in a man’s world can be an advantage, I bring different skills and views to the table – as long as I am as well-informed as the next man – that can be a great advantage!”

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