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Meet the Jablite Ground Heave Protection Team

Following the launch of Jablite Ground Heave Protection (Vertical) last week, Jablite has appointed two outstanding Technical Sales Managers to take its latest new product to market.

Tim Brookfield will cover the North of England and Ben Sanham is responsible for the South.  Between them, Ben and Tim bring significant experience in working with buyers, contract managers and structural engineers and expertise in ground works, piling and concrete.

“We have already won our first order,” says Darren Evans, National Civils & Infrastructure Manager. “And, this is no surprise to me given the calibre of our new Ground Heave Protection team.”

Jablite carried out extensive market research during the development of this product and has developed its new Ground Heave Protection product with some significant improvements to the current offerings.

Darren Evans explains, “Our boards are 1200 x 1200mm making them easier to handle than the larger boards on the market and we have included a bottom polypropylene board which removes the need for a sand and cement blinding.

“Uniquely, we tested the whole board during its development and will continue to do this as part of our ongoing quality process.  I am 100% confident this product will do the job every time.”

The technical expertise provided by Jablite is the best in the ground heave protection sector, Jablite’s technical support includes two civil engineers, two building engineers and a designer with a Masters in Architecture.

If you would like to find out more Jablite’s Ground Heave Protection products please contact Ben Sanham (South)  ben.sanham@jablite.co.uk 07785 623977 or Tim Brookfield (North) tim.brookfield@jablite.co.uk 07785 623990.

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