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Jablite Wins Greenbuild Product Award

The innovative Jablite Dynamic II insulation has won the Greenbuild Product Award 2014

May 2014: “We are extremely pleased to win this award and recognition of Jablite Dynamic II insulation,” says Neil Marsden, Jablite Business Development Manager.

“This Award is shared with our development partner, Howard Atkin of Product Evolution, who has worked with us to evolve Dynamic insulation into the unique product it is today.”

Jablite Wins Greenbuild Product AwardIn pilot projects including a home, an office and a school, Dynamic II has consistently achieved outstanding U-values as low 0.10 W/m²K; making it the most effective insulator available in the UK today.

“Dynamic II is much more than an excellent insulator,” says Neil Marsden.  “It is a  heat exchanger and the inbuilt ventilation system helps to maintain good air quality in the winter months.

“In the hot summer months, Dynamic II helps to maintain a comfortable temperature  – and address some of the current concerns about overheating homes – by pulling cool air from outside into the building.”

The Dynamic II system can be used in external and cavity wall insulation systems. The combination of low-maintenance ventilation and outstanding performance makes it an ideal product for commercial properties, schools and for social housing in new build and retrofit projects.

Jablite Dynamic II won funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change/Technology Strategy Board: Invest in Innovative Refurbishment funding programme.


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