Jablite is the UK's largest producer of EPS products for insulation and civil engineering applications

Jablite Launches a Load-Bearing All-in-One Thermal Floor System

Jablite has launched a new version of its All-in-One Thermal Floor System that is patented and BBA-certified for use as a load-bearing beam and block floor.

Jablite developed this new system in response to NHBC Guidance on the use of reinforcement to concrete toppings above beam and block floors. The new Non-Structural Topping (NST) version of its All-in-One system is launched in preparation for 1 October 2017.

This is the date when the NHBC is set to order a ban on the use of concrete toppings with micro-fibres being used on thermal floor systems. (I.e. a beam and infill floor using EPS (expanded polystyrene) blocks instead of concrete blocks.)

“This innovative R2 version of Jablite All-in-One Thermal Floor System gives house builders the completely-new option of a thermal floor system that can be used with a 50mm plain concrete topping and with a range of other concrete toppings – micro-fibres, macro-fibres, steel fibres or mesh,” says Wayne Brown, Technical and New Product Development Director.

“We developed this load-bearing product in response to the NHBC Guidance on concrete toppings to give the market a flexible option that gives them the choice of which concrete topping they specify,” adds Wayne.

Jablite’s first All-in-One Thermal Floor System was warmly welcomed by the market. House builders and ground workers like the fast installation, easy handling and the opportunity to complete in one installation as there is no additional top sheet.

Sales of the product have defied the expectations of the Jablite Board increasing on average 70% month-on-month since its launch in November 2016.

“Our marketing team did a brilliant job of launching Jablite All-in-One last year and we have been surprised and pleased by how quickly it has been adopted by house builders and ground workers,” says Richard Lee, Managing Director.

“I fully expect the Non Structural Topping version that we are launching today to be as successful. It fulfils everything I ask of a Jablite innovation; it demonstrates our commitment to technical excellence, new product development and world class customer service,”

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