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Jablite Launches Innovative Thermal Floor System

On 18 November, Jablite launched its innovative All-in-One Thermal Floor System.

This new product for suspended floors is an alternative to block and beam floors and to other below beam or beam and overlay board infill systems.

“The great thing about this new product,” explains Richard Lee, Managing Director, Jablite, “is that we have designed the infill and overlay board as one joined together board.  This makes it extremely fast to fit and there are no concerns about the top sheet or overlay board being blown about in the wind – which we know has been a concern for groundworkers.


“As an insulation manufacturer we have made certain that the thermal performance is up to scratch,” says Richard. “This system can achieve any U-values required and the Psi values are outstanding and will help HouseBuilders to achieve Part L 2013 compliance.”

Jablite’s new All-in-One Thermal Floor System has been rigorously tested to gain BBA accreditation for use with pre-stressed beams as a system that can be used with a 75mm structural concrete topping.

“We believe this is the first time an insulation manufacturer has supplied a system of beams and insulation for this kind of application and I am extremely proud of this new product and the work that has gone into developing it,” says Richard.

“Our new product development team has played a stormer and this is just the beginning.  Our aim is build relationships with HouseBuilders so that we can develop new iterations of this product and other completely new products and service levels that will help HouseBuilders to achieve the challenging targets for building new homes that we expect the Government to set.”

Alongside the All-in-One Thermal Floor System, Jablite is also launching its own-brand, BBA-certified, Thermal Floor System with Structural Board – a product that is already well-known in the marketplace – that Jablite will again be supplying with beams as a complete system.

“This is an exciting era for Jablite, both of these two new systems give us an opportunity to work directly with the customers who are actually using our products to build homes and who are working with them on building sites. That helps us to understand exactly how our products are used and how we can improve them to benefit our customers.”

It looks like the future is bright for Jablite and its customers.

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