Jablite is the UK's largest producer of EPS products for insulation and civil engineering applications

Jablite is shortlisted for Manufacturer of the Year

Jablite is celebrating being shortlisted for the Manufacturer of the Year in the 2014 Building Awards

February 2014: “This is our third time to be shortlisted for this award, so let’s hope we are lucky this time,” says Richard Lee, Managing Director of Jablite.

“We had a great year in 2013 and I am very pleased that our efforts are recognised by the Building Awards again.

“We developed two outstanding brand-new insulation products. Flat Roof Profiled+ is a lightweight, reinforced, EPS (expanded polystyrene) over-roof insulation system.

“Our latest new product is the first tapered insulation for inverted roofs; it enables a fall to be created with the insulation and makes a screed layer unnecessary.”

Jablite aims to become the UK insulation manufacturer known for innovation and integrity. In 2013 Jablite was the first manufacturer to offer an insulation product manufactured to an accuracy of 1mm.

“We want to give our customers the best choices possible. Having a 1mm specification option can offer a huge cost saving on some projects and it puts the specifier and the contractor in control.

“For the same reason, in 2013, we started a debate on whether 300 grade insulation is necessary for inverted roofs. Our research shows that it is an over-specification and in most instances 200 grade will provide the required performance.

“Over-specifying is uneconomic and, it is the opposite of sustainable, as it uses more material and resource than is necessary to do the job.

“As a responsible manufacturer we want to be leading the way in the development of new and sustainable insulation and hopefully that approach will help us to win this award,” concludes Richard.

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