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Jablite Insulation Corners Create a Unique Cavity Wall System

For the first time, it is possible to install cavity wall insulation with damp proofed corners included as part of the insulation package

June 2013: This latest development from the Jablite innovations team was created with encouragement and guidance from installers, developers and architects.

Technical Innovations Manager, Sue Ballard, explains: “Even the best bricklayers can find installing the damp proofing fiddly and tiresome when putting in cavity wall insulation.

“However, vertical damp proofing in the building’s corners is a vital part of the cavity wall insulation installation and is required by the BBA (British Board of Agrément ) and the NHBC (National House Building Council).”

The answer is the new Jabfill System with ultra-tough 4-ply membrane bonded to Jabfill insulating corners – internal or external facing. It is easy-to-install and the continuous insulation prevents cold bridging.

“When the Jabfill System is properly installed, not only does it provide an excellent, energy-efficient thermal performance,” says Sue. “It incorporates a reliable, high-quality damp proof membrane that will prevent rain water penetration into the building envelope.”

This new product development is further evidence of Jablite’s commitment to innovation of all its products and processes.

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