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Jablite campaign against over-specification is winning the argument

In October 2013, Jablite launched a PR and advertising campaign to challenge the ‘normality’ of over-specifying insulation for inverted roofs. Today, Jablite can announce that sales figures this year show a significant changeover to 200 grade EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation for inverted roofs

April 2014: “In the first quarter of 2014, Jablite 200 was 31% of our total inverted roof insulation sales. In 2013 it was just 1%”, says David Teasdale, Sales & Marketing Director.

“This is clear evidence that the inverted roof insulation marketplace is changing over to 200 grade EPS because it really is the best choice for the majority of inverted roofs.”

“We provided detailed information about the compression performance of Jablite 200 insulation proving that over-specification does not make sense; it is not cost effective and it increases the overall load on the roof,” says David.

“It is gratifying to see that contractors and specifiers are looking at the facts to decide what specification is required for their project and, where appropriate, changing their previous buying choice.”

Jablite supplies inverted flat roof insulation in 200 and 300 grade EPS in 1mm increments and offers a new Premium Jablite 200 grade in low lambda material that gives the same excellent thermal and compression performance – but in a much thinner board.

“Our aim is to provide specifiers with precise options to achieve their required thermal performance on a roof. We constantly for looking for ways to do that by innovating and extending our portfolio” says David.

“The latest addition to our inverted roof family is a tapered insulation which eliminates the need of a screed layer to provide the drainage fall on the roof. We expect that to be our next success story in 2014.”

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