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Jablite achieves Premier Guarantee product approval

26 January 2017

Both of our Jablite Thermal Flooring Systems – All in One and our Thermal Floor System with Structural Boards – have achieved Premier Guaranteed Product Approval,’ says Steve Broadhurst, Jablite’s Technical & Product Development Manager.

‘Jablite’s Thermal Floor Systems are already BBA accredited and NHBC approved, so the Premier Guarantee was a natural progression,’ explains Steve.

‘We are delighted the process went so smoothly and we are now featured on the Premier Guarantee website in their Product Approval sections.’ See links below.

The two Jablite Thermal Floor Systems, which combine pre-stressed beams and the Jablite EPS (expanded polystyrene), offer a fast installation and easy-to-handle alternative to the traditional block and beam installations for suspended floors. Plus, a thermal performance that assists achieving Part L 2013 Compliance.

The All-In-One system uniquely combines the infill panel and the beam overlay board into one panel. Making it an extremely fast installation and avoiding any inconvenience of the additional loose lying board.

For ground workers who are familiar with the additional layer of EPS insulation, Jablite produces a Thermal Floor System with Structural Board as a system with the beams provided and a fully –designed floor system.

Both Jablite Thermal Flooring Systems are now covered by a Premier Guarantee and can be found on their online Product Approval pages, under both Builders & Developers and the Brokers, Architects & Consultants sections.

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