Jablite is the UK's largest producer of EPS products for insulation and civil engineering applications

Fry is a perfect fit for Jablite

Sarah Fry, a flooring insulation specialist, joins Jablite, a leading UK manufacturer of innovative insulation products, as National Flooring Manager

January 2014: “This appointment is a perfect fit for Jablite,” says Richard Lee, Jablite’s Managing Director.

“Sarah brings technical expertise; a good knowledge of the sector based on her experience of working with housebuilders and ground workers – plus exactly the kind of energy and enthusiasm that we are looking for.”

The appointment of Sarah Fry as National Flooring Manager marks Jablite’s intention to expand its market share in the floor insulation sector by targeting small, regionally-based housebuilders.

“Whilst we have no intention of competing with the large national suppliers, we have identified a currently untapped area of the market for our innovative floor insulation,” explains Richard.

“We have a lightweight, flooring insulation product that works with concrete beams enabling fast and easy installation and it provides an excellent, sustainable, energy efficient and compression performance.

“We believe this product will bring huge benefits to the smaller, regional developers and contractors currently using more traditional products,” says Richard.

Sarah worked for Creagh Concrete for nearly two years and started her career in construction at Lafarge and is looking forward to working with the range of Jablite insulation products.

“Flooring insulation is my starting point,” says Sarah. “Jablite’s reputation for innovation and product development is well-known and I am looking forward to being a member of the team that bring new insulation products to the marketplace.”

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