Jablite is the UK's largest producer of EPS products for insulation and civil engineering applications

‘Direct supply is our new strategy for Thermal Floor Systems’ says Jablite

The arrival of a new supplier of thermal structural floors last November has been quickly accepted by both ground workers and house builders.  Unusually, the new supplier, Jablite is a well-known and respected EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation manufacturer…

“In the months before we launched Jablite All-in-One Thermal Floor System we had a lot of negative feedback. Several beam companies warned us that we would be unable to buy beams for our system from a UK supplier,” says Richard Lee, Managing Director, Jablite.

“Thankfully, they could not have been more wrong. Within weeks of our launch we were being invited to tender alongside industry stalwarts like Forterra, Rackhams and Longleys – and, of course, we had the beams for our system.

“I am sure the fact that we used to supply those beam manufacturers with the EPS panels for their systems helped to build our credibility,” adds Richard.

Jablite has been taken by surprise by the positive response to its insulation-led thermal and structural floor system. Since it launched its two new products in November 16, it has been invited to tender on major projects and even bid for annual supply to a top house builder.

This unexpected success has led the business to reconsider its strategy for the products’ supply.

“Things are moving fast and we have to keep pace,” says Richard. “We have decided to change our 2017 plan and move straightaway to Jablite-only supply.”

This change in approach is designed to avoid confusion in the market place and there are other important benefits.

Richard explains, “Jablite is leading the way with our service levels and we are determined to continue to drive improvements; being in direct contact with our customers helps us to understand their requirements and to fine-tune our processes to deliver the best service available.

“We invested £250,000 in our All-in-One Thermal Floor System and we are delighted with its success, but innovation is a constant process and being close to our customers and end-users will help us to understand their requirements and to feed that information into our new product development.”

Don’t forget to view the time lapse film showing a block and beam installation alongside a Jablite All-in-One install.


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