Jablite is the UK's largest producer of EPS products for insulation and civil engineering applications

Davis Langdon Report Shows Jablite Flat Roof Inverted Insulation costs up to 22% less than XPS

A recent study by leading construction consultants, Davis Langdon, found that the additional cost in using CO2 blown extruded polystyrene compared to Jablite modified expanded polystyrene ranged from 10.2% to 22.9%

March 2013: “We had an inkling that our insulation was more economic than some of the competition, but we wanted it checked out by an independent, well-respected organisation,” explains David Teasdale, Sales & Marketing Director.

Jablite asked Davis Langdon to conduct an independent cost comparison using their own case studies and industry research.  The results can be seen in a detailed summary of the report.

Davis Langdon found three reasons for the lower costs, they are:

1.    The better thermal conductivity of modified EPS bead over CO² blown XPS, allowing for thinner boards to be used.

2.    The greater variety of board thicknesses available in modified EPS bead modified EPS bead is available in 5mm increments,  CO² blown XPS  is generally available only in 20mm increments.

3.    CO² blown XPS is generally only available in board thicknesses up to 200mm; modified EPS bead is available up to 250mm thick.

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