Jablite is the UK's largest producer of EPS products for insulation and civil engineering applications

“Customer satisfaction is the heart of our business”

The results of Jablite’s annual Customer Satisfaction Survey are in and the business has once again demonstrated its commitment to putting customer service at the very heart of its business strategy.

“Our 2016 Satisfaction Index Rating of 81.3%, is a 5.1 percentage point increase on our 2015 results and everyone in the Jablite team is genuinely delighted,” says Richard Lee, Managing Director.

“Our Net Promoter Score rose from 20.9% to 50% which is a huge increase and shows that the work we are doing is having a significant impact on how our customers see us.

“The improvements have come from every single department or team in the business.  I believe that we have been changing hearts and minds as well as behaviours.  Our leadership team recognises that customer service has to matter to every single person in our business even if they never meet or speak to a customer.

“It is rewarding to see that our approach is working, but we all know that we still have a long way to go before we can say that we consistently deliver world class customer service to all our customers,” concludes Richard.

Jablite’s survey is conducted by independent agency TLF and the data from the survey provides Jablite with the vital information it needs to focus on the areas that really matter to customers and will make a difference to them.

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