Jablite is the UK's largest producer of EPS products for insulation and civil engineering applications

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Customer Update

 17 March 2020

With the news about the Coronavirus-Covid-19 dominating all our thoughts we are all reacting as fast and as appropriately as we can.  This is an update on the steps that Jablite and Styropack have taken and on our preparations for the coming weeks.

Last week we put in place steps to enable all of our office staff to work from home and our external sales managers have been asked to avoid face-to-face meetings and to conduct all business by telephone unless absolutely necessary.

You will still be able to contact everyone on their usual phone numbers and email addresses.

Our manufacturing capacity is currently unaffected by the coronavirus, each one of our five sites has one month’s worth of raw material and around 2 weeks of product stock.  Our raw material suppliers are telling us they don’t anticipate any problems in continuing to supply as usual.

Our multi-site operation allows us production flexibility and we are putting plans in place to re-locate manufacture of products if one of our sites is incapacitated by the virus.

We have recently changed our transport from a sole supplier to a multi-supplier base, this means we are less exposed and can source transport as necessary.

We do not anticipate any problems with supply over the next six weeks – we will update you immediately if this changes.

We are advising all our staff to follow government guidelines to minimise unnecessary contact, to wash hands regularly to try and ensure that we all come through this crisis as safely as possible.

We are doing everything we can to continue operating as safely as we can.  We will inform you immediately if there are any changes or developments that impact on our ability to supply you.


Richard Lee, Managing Director


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