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Another first from Jablite – Insulation that can be accurately specified to 1mm

Jablite’s innovative manufacturing team is the first to supply insulation for inverted flat roofs in 1mm increments

September 2013: “We believe this is the first time that any insulation has ever been offered to such an accurate specification and I am really proud that Jablite is the first company to do this,” says Richard Lee, Jablite Managing Director.

“Jablite Flat Roof Inverted is one of our flagship insulation products, we recently launched a Premium version that is A+ rated in the BRE Green Guide to Specification and offers a superior thermal conductivity performance as well as all the usual benefits of our inverted roof insulation.

“This advance in our manufacturing is our latest innovative improvement. It offers a huge cost benefit over XPS because, for the first time, contractors can buy exactly the thickness required to meet the specified U-value of a roof.”

This 1mm offer can deliver up to 19mm less material in material thickness compared to CO² blown XPS – on a large inverted roof that is a substantial saving on material and load weight.

In addition, the ability to specify insulation that is 19mm thinner can substantially ease roof design constraints especially around door thresholds onto balconies and roof terraces and on inverted roofs with public access.

Jablite Flat Roof Inverted is available in 1mm increments between 50mm and 250mm and is BBA certified for use on zero fall inverted roofs, green roofs, balconies and terraces.

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