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Raising the floor with Fillmaster Voidformer


Jablite’s Fillmaster Voidformer was selected by Hannofin Contractors to raise the floor for the Leisure Development project at Drakes Circus in Plymouth. The redevelopment modernises the former coach station site and includes  a 12 screen Cineworld Imax cinema, 15 restaurants and 420 new car park spaces.

By selecting Fillmaster Voidformer, the contractor was able to reduce the concrete use on the project and provide a cost effective alternative that can deliver the required compressive performance.

Fillmaster Voidformer is  a sustainable solution; manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS) it is 100% recyclable, completely inert and non-toxic.

Job details
Leisure Development at Drakes Circus, Plymouth
Raised floor to reduce depth of concrete slab

Product details
Fillmaster Voidformer

Delivered to your exact requirements

For floor raising or other similar projects,  Fillmaster Voidformer can be specified  as a block, cut sheet or bespoke shaped pieces to suit the application or project.

The standard block sizes are 2400mm x 1200mm up to a depth of 1200mm. If the required depth is greater than 1200mm additional sheets or blocks can be added as required.

The product is manufactured to the  compressive strength required for the concrete load.   Fillmaster Voidformer’s compressive strength is 1% compression (kN/m²),  Jablite VF20 will carry a load of maxium load of 800mm, VF45 carries a maxium load of 1800mm and VF70 will carry a maximum load of 2800mm.

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Why specify Jablite Voidformer?

A cost-effective solution

Reduces the concrete used

Fast installation


Lightweight, bespoke blocks

100% recyclable

Manufactured from EPS (expanded polystyrene)



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