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Fillmaster for landscaping: Quartermile, Edinburgh


The architects at the Quartermile development in central Edinburgh wanted to create a contoured area of grass and trees on the roof of an underground car park.

Jablite Fillmaster blocks were selected because they are  light, strong and easy to assemble in a restricted space. Jablite delivered a bespoke solution, with the blocks cut to order to achieve instant landscaping.

On this part of the project, the architects wanted to create a contoured area of grass and trees on the roof of an underground car park sandwiched between a new-build section and one of the long, thin wings of the old Infirmary.


"“Creating all the mounds and contouring with earth would be way too heavy. It needed Fillmaster to deliver the correct loading. Jablite designed it superbly well and it was easy to install.""

John Kelly, sales manager, Alumasc
Job details
Job Landscaping of underground car park roof
Client Arup
Contractor Alumasc
Site Quartermile Luxury Apartments, Edinburgh

Product details
Jablite Fillmaster: bespoke designed blocks
Numbered pieces fit together for a fast and easy installation
Area covered: 270 m2

Fillmaster is much lighter than conventional products and, importantly, has a very high strength-to-weight ratio and is only around one per cent of the weight of traditional fill materials.

The Jablite design team devised a matrix solution, with the desired structure built up using Fillmaster blocks, cut to order, which were assembled on site like a giant 3-D jigsaw puzzle.

This Fillmaster structure was then covered with a 400mm layer of a growing medium (the structure also featured a number deeper growing “wells” in a number of locations, to accommodate small trees) which was then turfed.


High strength-to-weight ratio; blocks can be cut to deliver bespoke solutions

Fillmaster is the UK’s leading expanded polystyrene lightweight fill solution.  Jablite Fillmaster is a strong but lightweight fill that can provide bespoke solutions for landscaping or voidformer requirements.

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