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Jablite Ground Heave Protection – First Installation


Jablite’s new Ground Heave Protection (JGHP) vertical, launched in January 2019, underwent its first installation for main ground worker, Cannon Piling, on a picturesque private 10 acre estate in the middle of Surrey woodland.

Due to the location of the site Jablite had the added challenge of maneuvering its deliveries down narrow country lanes and accessing the site via a very tight gated entrance.


Job details
Site Timber frame dwelling in private 10 acre woodland estate in Surrey

Product details
Specification 120Sqm of 1200 x 1200 slab ground heave protection

The JGHP product formed the foundation of a timber frame dwelling, 120Sqm of Slab 1200x 1200 boards were laid on a shingle base with incorporated pile collars. The polypropylene bottom sheet, a unique feature of this Jablite Ground Heave Protection product, stabilised the boards and removed the need to install a sand and cement blinding layer.

Cannon Piling foreman, Adam Martin commented, “I wasn’t sure what to expect with Jablite’s Ground Heave Protection product, but I am very impressed. The fact it has a bottom sheet makes it much more stable when cutting holes for the pile collars.

“It has a decent quality polypropylene top and bottom sheet and is much sturdier than other products I have used. In the past I have had trouble with the EPS fins breaking whilst cutting the boards and that is not ideal. JGHP was easy to handle, cut and install and I will definitely use it again.”

JGHP is a BBA-certified product, engineered to protect buildings from vertical ground heave, “We wanted to provide ground workers and structural engineers with a new product option for vertical ground heave protection and JGHP does just that,” explains Richard Lee, Managing Director, Jablite.

The product range for Jablite Ground Heave Protection (vertical) includes slab, beam or insulated slab boards.  All of which can be easily specified to meet the concrete load and the site requirements.

With two in-house Civil Engineers, Jablite provides market-leading technical and design support for its civil, infrastructure and ground engineering range.

For more information about Jablite Ground Heave Protection Products click here or contact Tim Brookfield 07785 623990 if you are located in the North or Ben Sanham on 07785 623977 if you are in the South.

Key Benefits of Jablite Ground Heave Protection Vertical
  • Protects buildings against upward pressure caused by ground heave
  • BBA-certified
  • Meets NHBC Technical Standards
  • 1200 x 1200 boards aid a fast, easy installation
  • Bonded bottom sheet removes need for sand/cement blinding layer
  • Available with bonded EPS insulation board
  • Lightweight boards limit H&S risk on site

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