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Jablite Fillmaster speeds up Hackney Wick Station Project


The modernisation of Hackney Wick train station in East London included removing the old footbridge and replacing it with a subway beneath the tracks.

Designer Mott Macdonald and Main Contractor, Volker Fitzpatrick only had an Easter weekend to complete the task,  making this a time-critical element of the whole project.   Jablite Fillmaster was specified to ensure a fast and successful installation.

Jablite began work on the design 20 months prior to the installation on site. And, then  designed and manufactured  individual, bespoke Fillmaster blocks to ensure the fast installation requirement was met.

In addition, two platforms were demolished and re-built using Jablite Fillmaster to support the pre-cast concrete platform and, once again, Jablite designed and manufactured non-standard blocks to enable a fast installation.

Job details
Modernisation of Hackney Wick Station, East London
Removal of old footbridge
Building of a new subway beneath rail tracks
Platform Replacements

Product details
580 m³ of Jablite Fillmaster
Bespoke-designed and manufactured blocks
Blocks are pre-wrapped in an oil-resistant membrane

Installation at Hackney Wick

The pre-wrapped, marked up blocks were easily installed within the limited time-frame.

The bespoke blocks and the detailed working drawing enabled a fast installation and practically eliminated waste on site.

An additional benefit at Hackney Wick is that the blocks could be moved into position manually so there was no need for additional plant on this small, congested site. Also, Jablite Fillmaster can be delivered in around half the number of the trucks that would be required for traditional fill.

The combination of less machinery and fewer deliveries minimised the noise and inconvenience for nearby residents and improved health and safety on site.

The design of the backfill  provided by Jablite and the predictable performance of Geofoam kept costs down whilst maintaining the required performance level.

Why Choose Fillmaster?
  • Project design and advice
  • Can offer indemnified designs
  • Manufactures bespoke blocks
  • Excellent compression properties
  • High-strength-to-weight ratio
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Predictable material behavior
  • Manufactured from EPS (expanded polystyrene)
  • 100% recyclable

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