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It’s a thumbs up for Jablite Ground Heave Protection!


Jablite Ground Heave Protection (JGHP) has won a favourable review from a site manager of  top civil engineering contractor O’Halloran & O’Brien.

The BBA-certified boards have been used on over 60 plots of a 600-house site in Harrow, Middlesex and will be used again on Phase 2.

"It's very user friendly - on my next job I'll be using it again because I don't have to worry about it breaking up like other similar products!"

Matthew Keaney, O'Halloran & O'Brien
Job details
Project 600 plot residential site in Harrow
Contractor O'Halloran & O'Brien

Product details
JGHP Protection from clay heave
Specification 600mm beams; 40-60 Soil Plasticity Index

“We’ve had no problems at all with the installations,’ says Matthew Keaney, Foreman, o’Halloran & O’Brien. “First off the boards come wrapped on a pallet which is easy to move around site.

“My guys found they could trim the boards easily and quickly to size because the bottom board makes it more stable.  It’s fine to walk on during the installation of the boards, the steel cages and the concrete itself.  We’ve had no problems with it at any stage.

“The smaller boards are better, they’re easier to handle and they are stronger to walk on. With a well-known, similar product I would have had 2 bags full of waste but l only have half a bag with Jablite’s – really  hardly any at all.

“I will definitely order it again!”

Why is Jablite Ground Heave Protection the best option?
  • Easy to handle on site
  • The bottom board saves having to do a concrete blinding
  • No effort to cut it to size (because of the bottom board)
  • Less waste
  • Good delivery times
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Site Technicians
  • Meets NHBC Technical Standards


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