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Fillmaster Fix for Old Railway Viaduct


An old viaduct outside Warrington that supports a railway line needed structural repair to extend its working life.

Network Rail was looking for a solution that would avoid disrupting the train service that runs over the viaduct and, that would ensure the viaduct was safe for ongoing use during the repair works.

Jablite Fillmaster provides the standard of performance that Network Rail required to deliver on these objectives and Jablite’s in-house Civil Engineers were able to advise on the best design approach.

The precise cutting and shaping of the enormous blocks of Fillmaster by Jablite guaranteed the  specified tight fit under the arches could be achieved and that the Fillmaster would  support the old, failing structure of the viaduct – and that it will continue to do so –  giving the old viaduct a new lease of life and avoiding demolition and long term disruption to the train service.


Job details
Client: Network Rail
Project: Repair of an old viaduct to extend its life
Site: Four Arches Viaduct carrying railway track near Warrington
Block Size: Bespoke designed blocks of varying sizes to fit the arches under the viaduct
Area of Void: 1400m³

Product details
Jablite Product: Fillmaster FM 500
Characteristics of Fillmaster: Robust Lightweight Designed-to-Fit Easy-to-Handle

The Solution

Jablite supplied Fillmaster 500 grade blocks designed and cut to fit snugly into the archways and provide the support required for the viaduct and the rail line on it.

The design engineer sent the dimensions to Jablite and our in-house Civil Engineer designed the layout to provide the best-fit solution using varying sized and shaped blocks of EPS (expanded polystyrene) Fillmaster 500 grade.

The huge blocks of Fillmaster were cut in the factory using Jablite’s profile cutter. Each block was individually marked and delivered to the Four Arches site with detailed installation instructions showing how to fit the blocks together and the order of installation.

This enabled a fast and easy installation that was carried out by Network Rail’s Civil Engineering Special Projects team with no need to bring in specialist contractors or equipment for the work and – importantly – with no interruption to the train service using that stretch of track.

Once the Fillmaster was installed the blocks were grouted in place using a concrete mix and the whole structure is now covered in earth.

“We are very proud of this project,” says Darren Evans, Jablite Civils & Infrastructure Manager.  “Our design service and technical expertise were key to winning the project and our customer support team excelled themselves by delivering truly outstanding customer service.  We are delighted with the speed and ease of the installation and of the finished look of the job.”



Key Benefits

No disruption to the train service over the viaduct

Design and technical advice provided by Jablite in-house Civil Engineer

Blocks cut to size and numbered for an easy installation

Easy to handle and fast installation

No requirement for specialist contractors

No specialist PPE needed

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