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Dukeries Home Ltd opts for Jablite Structural Board Thermal Floor System


Jablite supplied its Structural Board Thermal Floor and Garage Floor System to contemporary house builder Dukeries Homes Ltd.

Dukeries pride themselves on their quality workmanship and use of traditional methods of construction and finest materials. All of Dukeries homes are designed to seamlessly blend into their urban and rural environments and have many innovative prestigious features. Jablite were delighted to be part of their Rockcliffe Grange development.

Rockcliffe Grange is a contemporary styled luxury, residential development of twenty-three, four and five bedroom homes in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.


Job details
House Builder Dukeries Homes Ltd
Location Rockcliffe Grange, Nottinghamshire
Project Residential Development of twenty-three, four and five bedroom houses

Product details
Product Jablite Structural Board Thermal Floor System
Product Jablite Garage Floor System

Dukeries chose Jablite structural board thermal floor and garage floor system over a conventional block and beam solution. The BBA certified structural board system is easy and quick to install and offers excellent thermal performance enabling Dukeries to achieve their required U-Value of 0.15.

Dukeries installation manager commented, “I have been installing floor systems all of my career and at 62 years of age I have seen quite a few. At Dukeries we have used a block and beam system for as long as I remember so it’s great to be trying something new.

“Jablite’s structural board system is the easiest thermal flooring solution I have used. It saved a lot of time on site compared to the previously used block and beam system and there was no requirement for cutting concrete blocks.”

The Jablite structural board thermal floor system consists of pre-stressed concrete beams positioned to meet the design load requirements, combined with Jablite infill insulation panels and structural boards. The insulation panels are supplied pre-cut to fit the beam and designed to meet the specified U-values guaranteeing a fast, easy and safe build.

Key Benefits for Structural Board
  • BBA Certified 14/5094
  • Reduced excavation
  • Less spoil removal
  • Improved health and safety
  • Achieves specified U-values
  • Outstanding Psi values
  • Zero waste on site


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