Jablite is the UK's largest producer of EPS products for insulation and civil engineering applications

Jablite Geofoam and Voidformer


Jablite Geofoam is a geotechnical product used in fill applications where a lightweight material is required to reduce stresses on underlying soils or lateral pressures to retaining walls, abutments or foundations. It has been used on projects for road embankments, road widening, rail embankments, bridge abutments, retaining walls, flood and noise bunds, culverts and temporary access solutions.

Jablite Voidformer is used for sheet pile infill panels, secant guide wall and for any void former application.

Jablite Geofoam and Voidformer are manufactured to meet a range of required compression performances (see detailed tables below).

Key Benefits
  • Excellent compression properties
  • High-strength-to-weight ratio
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Predictable material behaviour
  • Manufactured to performance requirement
  • Inhibits water absorption
  • Contains flame retardant additive
  • Manufactured from EPS (expanded polystyrene)
  • 100% recyclable
  • EPS has an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification

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Jablite Geofoam and Voidformer

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Product specification

Fillmaster  Geofoam

1% Compressive Strength (kN/m2)



Nominal Density (Kg/m3) 15 20 25 31
Compressive Strength at 10% Compression (kN/m2) 70 100 150 200
Shear Strength (kN/m2) 55 75 100 200
Shear Modulus (kN/m2) 2100 2800 3400 4100


Fillmaster Geofoam High Density

1% Compressive Strength (kN/m2)







Nominal Density (Kg/m3) 34 38 43 48 55
Compressive Strength at 10% Compression (kN/m2) 250 300 350 400 500
Shear Strength (kN/m2) 170 225 260 300 375
Shear Modulus (kN/m2) 4800 5400 6100 6800 7400
+What is the maximum bow on a Fillmaster block?
The maximum bow is 5mm over the length of block.
+Can custom block sizes be made in Fillmaster?
A standard block size is 2440 x 1220mm x 610mm. Bespoke sizes are also available on request.
+What are the tolerances for Fillmaster?
The tolerances are ±4mm on width and ±6mm on length.