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More and more housing and commercial developments are being built on brownfield sites where toxic and hazardous gases such as methane, radon, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are present.

The Ventform Gas Protection System has been developed to facilitate the dilution and dispersal of these gases from beneath buildings. Ventform panels are moulded in a variety of depths to deal with different levels of gas emission. The EPS density also varies to provide a range of load bearing characteristics. All panels are flame retardant and are CFC and HCFC free.

Ventform Benefits:

  • Certified by the BRE
  • NHBC approved
  • Offers a high level of insulation
  • Provides an ideal surface on which to lay the Powerbase gas membranes
  • Quick and simple to position and lay
  • Compatible with all types of perimeter vent
  • Moulded to a consistently high quality
  • Manufactured to ISO 9002

Ventform is compatible with all types of perimeter vents. Preferred options are air bricks and low level pipes with periscope risers. The size and spacing of vents depends on the concentration and emission rates of the gas. As a guide, air bricks at 2m centres on all faces of the building will be suitable for most sites.

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