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RIBA Approves Jablite Dynamic Insulation CPD

Our new RIBA Approved Jablite Dynamic Insulation CPD explains the technology and design behind Jablite Dynamic Insulation – an entirely new concept in insulation.

After attending one of our free seminars, you will understand how Jablite Dynamic Insulation works, what kind of performance you can expect, the design implications for a building design and layout, and what the real-life trials are showing about its performance and ease of installation.

“Jablite Dynamic Insulation gives an outstanding insulation performance and it is A+ rated in the BRE Green Guide to Specification,” explains David Williams, Marketing Manager.

“It provides architects with an exciting new design option to have up their sleeve. Jablite Dynamic Insulation can be used in a Passivhaus construction, in a modernist building or in a traditional brick build.

“And, Jablite Dynamic is up to 25% more efficient than conventional insulation; making it easier for an architect to design great-looking buildings that are energy efficient,” adds David.

You can sign up for one of our free RIBA Approved Jablite Dynamic Insulation CPD seminars now.  We will come to your practice or if you prefer to come to us, we can host a seminar for you.  For more information visit or email us at

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